Gym tips in the warm up/stretching area

Does anyone have tips or techniques/poses that are not suspicious if you want to capture a person while they are in the stretching area at the gym? Because when I try to capture them, they get all suspicious. Because of this I have missed lot of good opportunities.

My go to trick is just hold my phone side ways while doing these but they are kinda obvious :

Im talking about this kind of place :


Setup near them.
Get a stretch video going on your phone that they will see.
Place phone propped out with your water bottle so you can see the screen and hopefully they can see it too.
During your stretch change the phone/water bottle position once to see the screen while you do a different stretch.
Then after a little time switch to a position to cap them and just pretend the video is still playing as you think about stretching your junk to the video later.


I will try this :saluting_face:

Water bottle sleeve with phone pocket looks natural in this case

The method stated above would look sus if someone were to walk by and see your phone propped up

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this has become sad


I prop my phone up all the time to see my workout app, the timer etc. If a girl starts working out in front of it the app might change (c-eye)

pinhole Go Pro inside a water bottle. It’s a big old pain in the ass, but absolutely golden once it’s all done. You can literally shove the thing up in their pussies and hold it there and they’d never know. I’m finally telling people after all these years because I’m sure I’m not the only one sick and tired of watching videos that look like they were filmed with a 1989 calculator bought at Toys R Us. You’re welcome. Oh and…R.I.P. Bleebang.


to be honest, a video camera purchased in 1989 from Toys “R” Us that also performs mathematical calculations sounds pretty badass. I’ll take one of those right now