Gym was busy again today, best ass I’ve ever captured bending over

I hit a gold mine in the gym today.

Here is the best of the lot from last night probably one of the best shots I’ve taken

Videos of Girls in Public


That ass looks hella chunky :yum:


Yeah forreal breakfast, lunch and dinner


omg that one in the red! would love more of her

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whats your technique for getting shots like that and not getting caught?

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I couldn’t get close enough to get a shot of her and she’s rarely here but I’ll make sure she’s top priority. And as far as filming just make sure you’re phone is on vibarate so they can’t hear the record button. And turn brightness all the way down when recording that way nobody can see you’re recording. It also helps to buy a privacy screen protector. And from there just pretend you’re listing to music and bob your head. Super simple


Yeah I do the same things, I have a wallet case on my phone that covers up my screen. It’s pretty easy to hold it down by your side while looking natural, to get some real good shots I act like I’m on the phone and hold it closer to my chest


That grey ass was stupendous.
I’ve been thinking of ways to record incognito. After much experimentation I propose that you hold the phone casually and not look at the person you’re trying to record. Otherwise if you’re looking at the person and pointing your phone at her that is a dead giveaway. I’ve even looked into spy cameras that come as pens or watches but it doesn’t seem like the video quality is very good.


Omg that first bitch in the grey leggings. We NEED more of her. Would loooove to pound that little bitches ass doggy

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Good eye!

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God in heaven. she is A+ fuck meat.
I love the two guys barely working out next to her, trying to act like the don’t want to mount her right there and then.

Would she even resist if the two of them started groping her?

I thought I commented on this saying the same!!! That chick in red ass is poking!!!

More is a def yeah!!!

Did you ever see the one in white again?

She is TOO fuckable.

I would have followed her to her car.

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