Gymshark bubbly blue spandex shorts


Most excellent work, my friend.

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chef’s kiss

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did you have a photoshoot session in the aisles? :rofl: great work!

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Unreal. Great cap.

So many great shots I don’t even know where to begin.

Bro green top girl is so fine! Damn.

All these shots and no video

What a double trouble you found here my friend, both are very sexy in their own ways… i prefer the blue biker shorts blonde… she has a very nice firm booty and she is cute aswell.
Thank yiu so much for those captures.

This made my :barber:grow so much. Any vid?

fucking incredible

What a pair! The girl in the blue Gymshark shorts is so sexy - I love the patterns on the ass and legs of Gymshark clothing which really accentuate the curves of the ass and thighs, and this babe is showing that off so well. Thank you so much for so many amazing shots and angles - you did a top job.

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Damn. What an incredible set. Thanks.