Had the most ANNOYING thing happen today

I had the PERFECT target today and she was waiting in the best position (at a bus stop) so I just got in position and acted like I was waiting for the bus as well. I was getting some good shots but…she kept on moving, I always find this annoying because if I move as well it could look sus so I just stayed in my position and got the best shots I could, does this ever happen to anyone else?


Had this happen a few days ago, is annoying ASF! Just stay still, it’s not like I’m Freddy Kruger.

But, to be fair, women these days are much more aware/sus of men around them than they were a few years ago. Thanks to boomers and some of the uninitiated on who don’t use stealth tactics and get formed into TikTok stars overnight. Not just limited to creepshots, but also if you’re just standing there (with all the news reports of women getting assaulted/kidnapped while jogging, at the gym, etc… doesn’t help our hobby) – especially if you’re a tall, big, bearded dude.

They don’t know your intentions - she could think you’re a trafficker or something much worse than creeping, even though you’re not doing anything. I mean, you can invest all your cool points into the stealth skill tree (Cyberpunk reference), but it won’t work on women who are already paranoid.


Tbh I’m not ridiculously tall or very muscular so I’m guessing she was just paranoid, but yeah I’m guessing I did the best thing

Yeah, by the way you describe it, you likely didn’t do anything wrong - it’s just you ran into someone who probably watched a lot of TikToks of old guys getting caught in the act of recording, or news of women being assaulted/kidnapped while alone, maybe had a bad experience before, etc. The paranoid ones are better just to let go, there’ll always be more fish in the sea.

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Hmm interesting… ok now show me ._.


Super annoying! But definitely better to play it safe…

Reminds me of the shots you think you’re being sneaky, but on the footage you see them staring down the barrel of the camera, and think, “thank god I didn’t do anything ballsy”


This right here is why it pays off not being a knucklehead when out hunting! There’s been quite a few times where the subject glances at the camera (I don’t notice it live since I don’t make eye contact and am usually ‘focused on something else’), and it’s a good remember to never get cocky. Cockiness is an achilles’ heel.


It does happen and it’s super annoying. Some girls however use this tactic as an extra tease if they actually like it but sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference. (Does she actually want me to follow or not? :sweat_smile: )


Just lost 30 minutes of saint Patrick’s day sluts since my phone ran out of storage.

I haven’t felt pain like this in a long time


Had that before as well so annoying… :expressionless:

I’m highly suspicious of guys who tell tall tales about how cocky they were in getting candids with their phones. Women are incredibly suspicious these days and are more than happy to confront someone.

These days I just shoot from outdoors and far away so no one notices.


You talking about my story or just in general?

No, you’re story seems typical.

I mean like the guys who are like: “She caught me filming her so she walked around posing for me, bending over while I followed here around. Yeah bro! she wanted me so bad.”

Those stories are allways bullshit…you know how I know? Because I’ve been shooting candids for 10+ years.


Yeah, igy

Those stories never seem to make any sense, the females are just trying to get away from the person filming them, also when they “pose” they are just standing, some females just stand in a way where their ass sticks out a bit, those guys saying that just have a inflated ego tbh


Some of those are staged too. The guy’s wife or girlfriend was posing for him.


Right? Nothing more delusional than a post like that. I think it’s a way of making themselves horny? Anyway.

As for the OP, let me paint the scene:

In a store… casually walking around, looking for a subject… was ready to go home, I reach to the last aisle and that’s when I see it. Ebony girl with a great figure is there. My heart is pounding because not only is this aisle COMPLETELY deserted, aside from the senior 3rd party contractor, all the way at the back, busy with their own work. But this girl is completely oblivious to anybody standing around her. For context, the entire store was at about 10-15% capacity, so I figured the aisle was gonna be empty for awhile. Moreover, she has her Air pods in, busy looking at a few items in front of her, with her back turned. “Dude… this is TOO fucking perfect”, I’m thinking to myself. I go in position (my heart is jack-hammering at this point). I’m… getting… GOD TIER angles. Giantess, side view, overview - you name it, I’m getting it. She’s clueless. I’m being CRIPPLED by adrenaline at this point; at any moment, somebody can walk into this aisle… or she can turn around… a few stragglers poke their head into the aisle, but NOBODY comes in - thank god.

WHILE she’s still busy with her stuff, I stop recording to check what I have and wouldn’t you know it? I had accidentally stopped recording half-way through it without realizing it! “FUCK”. Go back to recording but now she’s up, tidying her items in the cart and off she goes - PERFECT!!! smh…sigh begrudgingly accept the circumstances for what they are. Incredibly grateful I even have HALF the recording, let alone the angles, etc.

This happened 4 days ago. And yes, I do have the receipts. Will probably follow it up with a few caps and gifs.


At least you got some shots, it’s the most irritating thing when you have the perfect subject and circumstance but come away with nothing


Those stories are sometimes funny though. :joy: In a eye rolling, “Sure pal, whatever you say.” kind of way haha.

Yeah, she definitely wants you so bad she’s moving away from you. True lust right there lol. When in reality, she’s either going about her business and doesn’t care about you (or doesn’t notice you since she’s too busy with her own stuff), or she gets a eerie feeling (women have a sixth sense) and flutters away.

The vast majority of women out there never ‘get wet’ or ‘get off’ if they catch onto being taped lol. You’ll see tons of guys here saying things like “Man, she probably was wet by the way she was acting around me. She probably gets off to knowing she’s being capped!”

No lol, more likely she either didn’t notice you/was too busy with her own stuff or felt weird around you and went elsewhere.


Most of these guys talk about woman in a way that suggests they have never had sexual contact with a woman. I hate to say it, but it’s pretty obvious.


I’ve had this happen before but the camera was facing me After you realize it makes you want to be bolder in your next shot for missing that opportunity

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