Hard to shoot black leggings

Anybody have any editing tips for black leggings? I got some solid shots at Target the other day, but with black leggings it’s so hard for them to come out the way you want. I’d love to share them on the forum but want to make sure they look decent first

Try boosting the shadows and lowering the highlights to balance out the photo. You should be able to do this in any photo editing software. It will lower the quality of the photo, so beware not to push the shadows too far.

If shooting outdoors, do your best to shoot with the sun at your subject’s back.


I never thought to do that combo before. Will definitely check it out! If they come out good I’ll post and will definitely tag you. Glad im not the only one with this issue

What I always do is turn up the flash icon in the video (not the actual flash light from the back of the phone lol). The icon I’m talking about is like a light bulb on Android phones.

Even Windows 10 / 11 has the Shadow / Highlight controls now which I often use on tricky dark clothing. But ultimately getting shots outside in good lighting will always work best.

Lightroom works magic + way up on black and shadows if the pic quality is good enough. It’s just $10 a month for photoshop & lightroom photographers package.

  • up on the exposure if you’re able to adjust it ahead of time with the phone camera.

Cell phone cameras don’t have shutters or apertures, so they boost exposure artificially. It doesn’t matter if you boost exposure before or after the shot.

this is what i use


That isn’t clear at all