Has anybody ever got caught?

How do you guys know if you should stop recording? Just the other day I got caught, I was walking out of the gas station then I saw a baddie and I walked back in the gas station and waited till she grabbed her snacks then went behind her in line to snag some pics. After that I bought my stuff but I noticed that she was still at the register buying her stuff so I waited untill she was done so I can get a video. Since she was on the phone I thought she wouldn’t notice so I went behind her as soon as she was done at the register and followed her out and when she went to exit she turned around and says “Can you stop taking a video of me” then I freaked out stopped the video and asked her what? Then she said let me see your phone and I said no and she said she was calling the police so I just walked away I got really scared and deleted the pictures and everything. For future preferences what should I do next time? I have a iPhone 12 Pro max so it’s pretty hard to hide that big ass phone lol


I’ve only gotten some looks, in that circumstance it was probably cuz you had already bought your stuff, maybe look at screen covers or find a new method, plug in your headphones and act like your on the phone while holding the phone where ever you want


I usually carry a hip clip for my phone it looks natural on your waistband no dirty looks or suspension of recording things look natural…another thing to take in concederation is that sometimes we see a nice looking subject don’t get too excited…I swear women have these unseen abilities that man don’t have they sense everything…best bet act natural and if u can’t get the subject on film don’t beat yourself up about it. It’s when u rush things u get sloppy and make things obvious. So remain confident buy a hip clip or a man bag so u can avoid these mistakes and get video naturally without raising eyebrows.


Thanks a lot for the advice guys! You are so right about staying calm whenever I see a nice piece of ass, I get to excited I think that’s why I’m so sus.


How long are you guys usually taking pics or videos for? I think I might be staying to long


I’m somewhat of an amateur at creeping, but still haven’t gotten caught. The most I’ve gotten is a look of sheer curiosity and that really only happens in places like Hobby Lobby where a guy by himself might stand out just a little bit. The best way is like everyone else said, keep it natural.

A set of cheap wired headphones works wonders, gives you an excuse to hold your phone by your side and get a good angle. Also use a background video recorder app, so that your screen can be on Facebook or something while still recording video in the background. If someone looks over your shoulder it’s not a problem because it looks like your on FB, YouTube, etc.

I wouldn’t reccomend taking pics, take a video instead and screenshot the part you want as a pic. Having something in your hand that your looking at helps too. Just be self aware and don’t overthink it. ALSO, don’t ever follow a girl for too long, keep it to a minute or two unless your a pro and really stealthy.



All good points.
Maybe hold your wallet in front of your screen? Or something else of course.

You’re going to get caught, it just depends on how well you like it.

With your example, the best thing to do is act like you have no idea what the person is talking about. Anybody ask you to see your phone of course you’re not going to give it to them. If they say they’re calling the police, I would suggest still shrugging it off and hold your composure and at least acknowledging the persons talking and tell them they I have no idea what they’re talking about.


I’m curious which app you’re talking about. I can’t find any app that works correctly. I tried many of them, particularly the free ones to catch guys guys at the workplace, sexual-harassment, etc. i’m curious to know which app you’re talking about that works this way. I know it used to work this way over 10 years ago.

I don’t know what post it is right now, but it is recently been commented on. I now set up my iPhone to dim quickly by triple clickin the power button and it stays dim, slide the screen left for camera and ready to shoot with the volume button as the shutter. And that’s key because sometimes the screen goes bright again! I copied the instructions, if I find the post I’ll also link to it:

go to iphone settings and go to the search bar and type in accessibility shortcut and read the small caption and set it to reduce white point. then go to the search again and type in reduce white point click on it turn it on set it to 100% then triple tap the power button to turn it off leave the settings app then get used to doing that and make sure you also have haptic touch on so you feel when your camera has started hopes this helps


The app I use is a very simple one called “Quick Video Recorder” and I’ve had zero problems with it recording in the background. I can do just about anything on my phone and still come back to it recording. I usually statt the recording and then put my phone on sleep mode via the button on the side (I have an android) and when I’m done, open the app again and then stop. So far so good on my end.


I’ve never been caught perhaps I’ve been seen doing it but the girls just act casual and some actually played up to the fact I was recording and did some naughty things like grabbing her own butt while walking. She was at the traffic lights waiting to cross and she looked behind and in my direction glimpse I later knew she did spot what was happening but thats when she started to grab and cup her ass while walking and lowered her straps too.


I don’tspend much time filming unless the opportunity presents itself…I’m usually in and out like snake from metal gear lol 9ee5f0de9a55bc353f3c888c53ca92a4


what’s crazy about these pictures is that she noticed you in why seemed to be a second or 2 and already knew but she sat there anyway and didn’t move so idk maybe be cautious when you go in there again they might have someone watch you


yes what you may be doing isn’t illegal necessarily

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i don’t go out much but that has always worked for me and that’s why i shared if you have wired headphones you can also use the volume rocker on it as your shutter and then just talk to yourself like omg this song sucks or even like your on the phone with someone showing them something i haven’t done that but i’m sure it will work,

i’m a teen and places i’d suggest to shoot at are
outlet malls
main city malls on saturdays
target ofc
arcades on saturdays and sundays
downtown areas during the night maybe weekdays
any populated place after 4pm
(when most teens get out)

aye but background recording is something i’ve never tried its too weird especially if you’re aiming the camera at them learn to work with angles as someone who is a teen and constantly around girls they notice that shit it makes them uncomfortable when anything is point led at them just relax and stay calm good luck people and let me know if any of this works for you :smirk:


I’m retired now, but I had been doing it since I was like 16, (25 now) and honestly, just act casual, don’t stand out, I always kept attention away from me and just casually had my phone to my side or acted like I was texting with a super low screen, and it was pretty effective, granted it’s easier if women don’t think you look like a creep, cause then they just don’t suspect you, or they just think you’re cute anyway so they don’t care, just don’t be nervous and don’t stick around too long, if you think you’ve been following too long or are too obvious chances are you are, you can also just act like you don’t notice the girl at all, if she looks at you and chances are she’ll think she’s crazy, you could also just walk by them
And give a little “excuse me” and it looks like you weren’t ever interested to begin with, works wonders, also I never personally found background apps to be effective, they all kinda sucked, but it’s not a bad option. Good luck man, remember, it’s also not illegal if you do get caught.


Hip holster, practice your aim at home, and never look in their direction


If you have shitty aim with a hip holster or you don’t have one, turn your screen brightness all the way down, hold the phone face down on the front or side of your thigh. Front of in line, side of anywhere else. Never look at your subject. It’s a dead giveaway. Let them come to you if you can, (supermarket intercepts). If you have an Apple Watch, you can use it as a viewfinder when shooting a video as well. Best of luck, don’t get caught, beat down, or arrested.


I have issues with the cheap hidden cams.
-they lack features and end up jumpy
-the 1080 is not clear, usually exported as 1080 or something
-sound is an option that’s typically missing on hiddens
-I am a fan of the high end cards for capture, that was expensive for a lil while there

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Like others said, get a background video recorder. The app that was mentioned a few posts above works. I also recommend using its feature, which is changing its icon to something harmless. I used to have my icon to flashlight. It may not seem like it would be helpful, but you never know.