Has anybody ever got caught?

this is why you have the best face shots.

just unabashed camera lens in their eyesight.

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What was your answer to this super hot Latina when she called you out?


Check out all his material

Oh my God this is fucking hot

Maybe the dad should be the one with remorse for letting her dress like that. He’s supposed to protect her, not show her goods off to the world. Hopefully that was a wakeup call for him to man up and do his job.


I’ve been caught a few times, but only had one confrontation. I usually shoot candids on busy city streets or in tourist areas, soI was able to make a quick escape when my subject noticed what I was doing. It’s easy to blend in with big crowds, so I was able to slip away without confrontation.

Here’s an example of a time I got caught. Luckily I was on a bridge and she was on the water, so no chance for confrontation:

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No…we’d still be perverts no matter the wear, just look at what gets submitted.

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Good point! If there’s a fat, ugly, woman in baggy pants some pervert will be there to snap a blurry pic to jerk off to.


We goan neeed that son :joy:


Never got called out but the impacts are getting closer.



After you deleted the pictures and was at a safe location, did you check the “trashcan” on your cell phone to see if the pictures are still there? Mine has one, I deleted the pics and videos. As I was leaving, someone busted me and told the manager. He talked to me and I showed him the videos and there was nothing. Still, he asked me to leave for now, at that time, but I was in the clear. :innocent:

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Feel the creep!!

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I would love to see video of their reaction and confrontation.

I got caught. Well almost. I walked out of Walmart and walked back in. They called the cops on me. Said I was trying to steal the lady’s purse. I was just trying to creep. Gotta be careful going back inside once you leave. Take the L and move onto the next spot. No vid is worth getting arrested


Anyone have a good app for dark places?

Black screen app that shows always on display. Then have ur earbuds in. Move your body not ur phone.

I created a variety of formulæ, trying to figure out how to approach the subject of interest without them knowing or changing positions.

Below is what I put to the test and it works 98% of the time, in all situations.

I can now get any shot, anywhere!!

Later tonight I will post the pure GOLD which was captured.

I’m absolutely addicted now haha.

#Candid Secrets:

  1. ‘Nose scratch’- method.
  2. Pretend to measure clothing on body holding phone above clothing hanger.
  3. Place item on phone and get shots.
  4. Placing items over the phone to remove the phone out of site.
  5. Turn phone sideways and have hand rest on thigh.
  6. ‘Check-out line’- walk up method.
  7. Ask interesting questions to employees in women’s section about male clothing(best if u have a piece of clothing already in hand), and inquire about the clothing in a different color. This method works best to get shots of women in women sections. Most employees are already near your subject.
  8. Hold an item in hand and Pretend to observe it.
  9. Wear nice clothing, deodorant and cologne must be on your body so you appear more attractive. Women run if you smell bad.
  10. Hold the middle of the phone. Never hold the end of the phone as this makes the camera stuck out more(use a mirror to see what I mean).
  11. Movements must be slow and controlled. If you speed walk or move fast women usually then change their positions as you approach, or they leave the aisle. Body language is key!
    12 Never look at or have your body face(explicitly) towards your target. The latter draws attention.
  12. Never look around the room, use ur peripheral vision.
    14.】Move your body not the camera
    15.】don’t follow for too long,a few minutes max
    16.】Others may notice not just the target so be aware
    17.】Remain calm always
    18.】Have something covering the screen of your phone
    19.】Hold your hand in a relaxed natural position.
    20.] Getting candids from your car: Pretend to use ur screen as a mirror to put a nose ring in, or to fix something dealing with the face.
    21.]Perform a 16+ hr. Intermittent Fast before doing candids. The latter increases your luck tremendously(more control of the will giving you bigger balls)!!!
    23.]Use a blackscreen app and calibrate your camera settings prior to the shot. Do not take 30 min videos. Only hit record when subject is close.
    24.]Proximity and stability(of device) is king!
    25.] Go put alot, turn off secure folder(android), turn on auto rotate, close all other running services, turn off wifi.
    26.] It’s all about angles. If the angle you are coming from to approach her makes her suspect something, re-approach using a different angle!!!

I think I got spotted taking this video in the gym lol.
Nothing happened though. I always take pics from behind so there’s a very low chance of being seen.


play.google. com/store/apps/details?id=io.japp.blackscreen

Bro… it’s not this hard

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