Has anybody ever got caught?

I think I got spotted taking this video in the gym lol.
Nothing happened though. I always take pics from behind so there’s a very low chance of being seen.


That app does nothing but make the screen different on a Google phone. There was a lot of other information in this post, like me having an iphone. There’s way more to the black screen and it’s covered in multiple posts.
Be well, and read on

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I put this in a DM so thought I’d leave it here, seems to fit the theme:

It all depends on several things.

Who’s around, what they are paying attention to, who are they with, and the same. How distracted are they? All?

The lighting, and where it is in reference to me, the lighting on my phone, and my backdrop (blind spots) as well - who can see my phone. Lower white point, brightness, or both!?!?

Body placement, and adjusting as necessary for the above mentioned. Sometimes just roaming around and ending back up near the subject for a different view.

Knowing what time frame you have and how much time you need for the shot, what obstacles are in place and can they be used to benefit - placement, ‘hiding’, throwing attention, or just a reason to hang out while shopping. Determining cam vs pics.

And when you got all that down in a matter of seconds sometimes, then decide mid hunt to switch from pics TO cam with zero flaw and minimally looking at your phone. And being able to switch back if needed.

Examples to come…

Here’s a short video with multiple run ins, and just editing to help - <1min:

Here I was able to hang out for an extended time plus roamed around for other angles 5+mins:

This I only had 10 seconds and wasn’t ready, jumped into the crowd for the best shots possible - pics only:


I got caught once years ago not by a girl but by Kohl’s store security he followed me out to the parking lot and took my license plate down the police showed up at my door that evening when I was having dinner with my wife apparently it’s not a crime but they wanted to let me know that they knew I was a creeper LOL


For somebody that’s been doing this for awhile, it’s typically best to just leave if you were already walking out as she walked in. As tough as the temptation is, there’s always going be more out there. There’s been PLENTY of times I’ve walked out of somewhere, only to see some baddie walk in. Some times I’ll take the risk, but most times it isn’t worth it considering now everyone who was already in store’s natural curiosity as to why I’m returning is immediately piqued. Secondly, you may have been too excited, coupled with the fact you made yourself noticeable by walking back into the gas station for her, so now your anxiety levels are already higher, as well as the possibility of whoever was already in there noticing you come back in (as already mentioned).

Then, as you said, you followed her out, too. So, that probably sealed your fate.

What I always do before I begin recording is get close enough to them (but not too close) to gauge their “awareness” level. You can simply stand beside them and if they move away from you, turn around to look at you, pull their top down (they do this subconsciously), or anything to subtly acknowledge you’re there, chances are, they’re on high-alert. However, you’ll occasionally get the few that may glance at you once and then completely act like you don’t exist - which is absolutely perfect. Even more so to the ones that completely ignore you, entirely. This extends to the people around you, too. You have to get good at this skill, because it will become vital. Gauging environmental awareness and acting accordingly is a skillset you’ll need to continue doing this.

Secondly, the longer you record, the higher the risk becomes of being caught - it’s that simple. People may take notice to you and they won’t say anything so it’s best not to continuously record for extended periods of time unless you’re absolutely sure you’re able to. That being said, I’ve been caught a few times. One of which i didn’t even notice until I went home and played the video back. It’s a gut-wrenching feeling, but one you quickly learn from to do better.


Well said, @hassX. I’ve found that people walking down an isle of a store may glance once and then that’s it. If you can tell they’re done in that isle and are heading to the next, then they probably won’t look back again. Bonus if they’re talking to someone else. Pay attention to what they’re saying. I have a recording a following two people from behind and I didn’t even notice they were talking about getting things later before they stopped. I was so focused on the capture.

I haven’t managed it yet, but if there’s a line for self checkout and you’re behind someone and nobody’s behind you, especially if it’s a long line/wait, it’d be a great opportunity to “be on your phone” and get some recordings. I’d honestly say that recordings are better than pics most of the time anyways, because obviously, but you can also edit it to get gifs and screenshots.


Yeah this sums it up nicely but headphones help look less sus but you need to be able to hear so no sound should be playing


Sorry about being caught. But, heres to hoping you find the video for all of us here. :grin:

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I have always used an application that allows recording in the background, even with a locked screen and toggling front or rear camera. This helps a lot and you act normal when using your phone. Even the app allows you to hide the newly created files in case someone asks you to check the phone.


@Kaptain I’d love to know something like that. I’m on Android though.



If you still got that video I would love to see it!!!

I used to use QVR but recently started using the native camera with a black screen app and the quality increase has been night and day!
It can be riskier in crowded areas if you aren’t careful but the better frame rate and smoother video quality is so worth it.



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That’s a good idea.


women are suspicious, you can’t be very obnoxious or they’ll run away, you have to predict where they’re going to go and use apps to record so that the screen doesn’t get stuck, that’s why android is better.

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I haven’t gotten outright confronted yet, but there were two times where the girl I was following looked at me. The first girl just looked at me while the second one said “hi” to me.


I’ve been caught a few times but only one said something. It was a hot college age girl with her grandma and her ass was hanging out of her shorts. This was in my early days before I had really worked on my technique or knew when it’s time to leave. She noticed me and her grandma alerted the store manager. Little did I know that next time I kneeled down to get that perfect ass shot the managers were watching me from afar. I was kicked out and asked to leave and never come back. At the time I was very scared and rattled, as I had never been busted. Luckily I was in a town 2 hours from where I live. I got over being scared after realizing that nothing really happened, just was asked to leave and got a death stare from the girl and her grandma. Do I still go back? Yep


You got any more pics & vids of the girl on right in the grey spandex?

do you shoot with a insta360? do you have anymore tricks how to hide it?