Has anyone here asked a target if they could cap?

Been thinking of just approaching someone and compliment them and ask if they mind if I record them, of course I need a whole speech but if anyone here has how did it happen what did u say ?


idk maybe lol, i guess it depends. thats still giving creep vibes tho, I wouldn’t risk it personally, a karen might screw u up :joy:


I mean, unless you’re doing Chaz style interviews and telling them that “I’m new to the community, and part of our speech class is to get to know members of the community… can I interview you… blah blah”… then these days, most women would find it creepy if a random dude walks up to them and says “You look good. Do you mind if I record you so I can spank my monkey to you later?” :rofl:



Not to mention, let’s assume you find someone who is okay with being recorded for no reason (other than that they look good… lol)… doesn’t that defeat the purpose and spirit of it being ‘candid’ if they know they’re being recorded lol?

Even Chaz, who does the interviews where the subject knows they’re being taped (at least for the “Get to know you part”), films them candidly before (or maybe after) talking to them to get ass shots, and such.


Bro did you just call women who’d be creeped out if a random man asked them to record them “woke”?? Lmao


Yeah, that sounded a bit stupid Lmao. Was a late when I was writing that, edited - thanks for the catch! :joy:

I thought about offering money but only if they were super super fine


You could maybe do how those YouTube channels do where they say they’re a photographer & would like to get a portrait of them etc.

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Just try it When it’s just you and her on the aisle Fuck it bro nothing will happen even if she’s Weirded out You have nothing to lose

Especially if there’s no one around, she might get the wrong idea and think you’re going to try something. I can see security being called lol, and then you’ve got more trouble on your hands.

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Exactly. Especially after that viral video of that gym girl getting attacked when she was in the gym alone, they’re (rightfully so) on edge, so it’s usually not worth it.

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Hell no! You’re not thinking straight lol. Go jerk off and get that post nut clarity then realize how bad of an idea this is. The last thing we want is more attention to this sort of thing. If it works out, then you get a nice shot and maybe her number. If it fails, you probably get security or the police called on you for being creepy. Just stick to stealth and candid


I’m very curious if you could pull it off. If you do then I’d love to see it

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Was this at the mall in Buford, Ga?

Are you an attractive guy? Honestly, that will have a lot to do with how the woman responds. “Hot guy” asks, it’s complimentary, “ugly guy” asks, and it’s sexual harassment. No matter what, I wouldn’t do if I were you. Not in today’s day in age. Maybe 10 or 15 years ago. But women are so self absorbed for attention, most would love to jump at the opportunity to cause a fuss over themselves and draw a spectacle for everyone to know “I’m desirable and I’m getting attention!”. Especially beware of ages 18-25. They would maybe go so far as to make a TikTok out of you with the AI voiceover saying “Creeper guy followed me in store. Should he be a registered sex offender or nah?” I would just stick to playing things lowkey as possible, you never know what kind of can of worms you could open from making your profession known.

The whole idea here is to catch them unaware. Pretty sure we all have the same fetish… so asking for a picture kinda defeats the purpose.

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