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For security reasons, I need to delete my account, any moderator that can help me? The red delete button never worked.


I understand, I doubt that I will ask to reopen the account again, I would just make a new one

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se entiende pero pues es algo q “uno” lo ve sencillo en un foro q perteneci y también pedí suspensión de cuenta lo único q hicieron fue cambiarle nombre de usuario a la cuenta por ejemplo si “bigchelios” pide suspensión se dejan sus aportes pero ahora con el usuario “bigche” por ejemplo y es todo lo q hay q hacer repito YO lo veo asi de fácil. la verdad ni idea tengo q conlleve hacer ese trabajo pero lo que deben de pensar los moderadores es que si el usuario pide una suspensión es porque esta en riesgo su identidad o integridad y esto debería resolverse en muy poco tiempo

It is understood, but it is something that “one” sees easily in a forum that I belonged to and also requested suspension of the account. The only thing they did was change the username to the account, for example, if “bigchelios” requests suspension, their contributions are left, but now With the user “bigche” for example and it’s all there is to do I repeat I see it that easy. Honestly, I have no idea what it takes to do that job, but what the moderators must think is that if the user requests a suspension, it is because his identity or integrity is at risk and this should be resolved in a very short time.


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you have a lot of really great posts here.

sad to see you go my friend.

It’s in the works. Good luck!

On this note, I’m curious why certian accounts are flagged as hidden, I get security reasons and wipe of stuff but there were some users that posted some good shit that I would like to see again, one in particular was @ThatGoldFinderGuy which i think he was posting non oc? Either way he and @I-lte had posts of the same girls that you can’t find much of outside of this website. Any way to recover the posts?

Some people stand in the darkness, afraid to step into the light.

Delete all your posts

Lmao, that’s pretty strange, do they only have select people able to see their account or is it simply that nobody can, if that’s the case why? Have somewhere to store photos maybe :thinking:

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