Help with editing

What the hack for editing black leggings so the vpl can be seen on iPhone? Help please. Got some got shots today but black leggings are so hard to edit.

I normally do highlights -50 and shadows +50


Didn’t work any more tips

There’s not a lot you can do with this issue. The image sensors & software on a smart phone don’t give you much control over the photo’s settings. Dark leggings are incredibly hard to shoot even with professional camera equipment.

In the future, try to shoot the black leggings while the sun (or light source) is directly behind the subject.

Photoshop is the tool I use for editing.
You can lighten the Shadows tones with ease.
Before editing


Use Shadows/Highlights…
Adjust the first slider in the Shadows/Highlights option “Amount”
around 20% – 40% adjustment.

Don’t over do it or you will just fuck up the photo
and get tons of artifacts and pixels.

Another example


Wow, that looks great. Nice job.