Hot Brunette in green leggings showing off booty and thong

Saw this hot brunette in green leggings and got a few shots. So, I see her get in line and then someone got in front of me. Fortunately, they decided to turn into another aisle. I was lucky. But I DID NOT expect her to bend and show off her nice ass and the thong. Either she is oblivious, or she wanted to tease. Either way it turned out well. I kinda wished I stayed in line and got way more footage, but I wasn’t finished shopping and didn’t have the items I wanted. Enjoy.


Glad you stuck with her, the several bends were amazing, like she purposely wanted to show everyone that ass. Thanks!


Hot! Love the bendover vtl!

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Good catch

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you were meant to capture that hotness of an ass…her bending forward is just what any man could ask for… fantastic work :peach::fire:


Nice shots!

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Yeah she definitely wanted to show off that ass. Thanks


Thank you

Holy hell what an awesome VTL!

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Ikr. Hit the candid jackpot

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