Hot teacher with amazing curved thighs and a juicy dumptruck + Face. MUST SEE

Top notch stuff! That teacher’s got cake

Merci. J’adore son gros cul, ses hanches bien larges et ses bonnes jambes. Au plaisir de voir d’autres photos d’elle…

You’re welcome, unfortunately no more footage.

A classic example of good wide hips pushing out from the sides of the pelvis, really empathising the shape of the ass. Ann an absolute gem nonetheless, brilliant contribution OP, well done.


Those wide hips, awww.
I would eat her out definitely, for a teacher definitely something for the eye.
Thank you for sharing that MILF gem.

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that vpl would be so distracting if she was my teacher, very sexy milf

The hip grips.

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Perfeita, me desculpa as palavras, mais juro que comeria todos os dias o cocô dessa bunda, o cu dela deve ser saboroso :drooling_face:

Its so fat

Those panty lines too :hot_face: i know they’re buried in that ass in a slight wedgie