How do I get over the fear

Ok so I miss a lot of opportunities because of fear of them seeing me recording them or of them seeing my screen how do I get over it?

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Part of it comes from experience and part of it comes from preparation / set up. My most basic tips are always just to keep the phone brightness all the way down, hold it casually by your side, and to take pics or start and stop recording with the volume buttons. If you do that, it shouldn’t look suspicious and you shouldn’t have to worry.

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I can relate, but my best advise is assess the surroundings. Do you have a lot of people around you? Is the person your after oblivious? Also, if you use your phone, get a phone holder you can clip onto your pocket and face it on your side hip or your front and just get in close and do a full send


Black screen app, hold cam by side, put in pocket, carry item with phone in hand


Figure out what you will do when you do get caught. Figure out how you’ll handle the consecuense. Easy. Get mad and say how dare you wtf get the f away from me . Quit harassing me . Lol don’t ever show fear. Show confidence that they’re the wrong ones. They’re the absurd for thinking that you’re recording. A person can’t even have their phone out anymore because these xxxxxxs are over here thinking shxx


Well I can only speak for me, so I use a samsung galaxy S22 Ultra and I’ll first uncheck autobrightness then I move the brightness slider all the way down and then activate Extra Dim. It makes my screen pretty much pitch black unless I’m in a dark environment. Sometimes I struggle to find the brightness slider again so I’ll just have to use the digital assistant and ask for “Hey Google, set my display brightness to 100%”.

Apart from being confident in your equipment the rest is your technique and unfortunately you have to read the room. You have to know when you can record and when you unfortunately just can’t

Buy a case that covers screen one that holds cards etc. Easiest way

I think experience is key.

Be cautious and don’t follow unnaturally. It’s no fun when the girl or someone else notices you creeping. The true “candidness” is what’s fun when looking back at the pics.


You gotta have the mentality of a shark smelling blood in the water. If you don’t own the moment you are dead in the water bro. Women can smell fear and you will just look like a fucking creep.

Be the alpha or hang it up.


You said it mate. Alpha or go. Is the line of " work" we are in. Some just aren’t cut up for it and that’s absolutely ok. You may be good at other things.


give yourself a reason to be where you are.

You are never “recording this girls ass”, you simply happen to be looking at the same item as her in the store. maybe you just so happen to be walking the same direction. maybe you’re waiting to talk to someone she’s next etc etc etc

the point is if you don’t have a secondary reason besides recording her ass, you will look suspicious and you will act suspicious. that’s when you start making too much eye contact and double checking over your shoulder just asking to be caught.

Be living your life. Don’t be the paparazzi. The girl should be in the background of your selfie if that makes sense.


Love how you said it mate. Just yesterday got caught and she just looked at me I knew but she didn’t say nothing just her gaze said leave alone and I did.

Stop jerking off its fucking with the androgen receptors in your brain making you bitch made and anxious also lowers your chi energy and like someone said above always come up with some excuse or what I do a genuine reason why I would be in that department/aisle of the store also your body language notice when you have that bitch body language and correct yourself I catch myself doing it and have to correct myself Oh yeah and to check your peripherals look at items on the shelf never look directly left and right down the aisle that looks sus asf

Never follow for too long you will get caught
Even if it’s a 10/10 (this is how ppl mess up)

If you think they might know then stop following.

follow those two rules and you’ll be fine

Never make eye contact, ever. The second you make eye contact they’ve got your face in their memory, and if they see you again they’ll become suspicious. If I make eye contact with someone I just give that up, don’t even try. If you never make eye contact you’re jsut another person in the public crowd, and nothing about you interests them enough to care about you more than anyone else.


Confidence and hornyness wins all.