How long does a topic take to get approved

I made my First post yesterday and it seems to have dissapered I can’t find it pending any where either

Wondering if I should repost or wait a while

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Your topic was rejected, don’t know why. System won’t allow me to see. That’s not normal, not sure why it does this at times on mobile. Any other mod have some insight?

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Does absolutely every post stay pending approval?

I guess I’ll try it again and maybe put the video link this time

Looks like it was rejected by another mod. Probably for low quality and bbw subject.

In this case, I wouldn’t repost.


Thanks for the info guess I won’t repost……

I rejected it due to the blurry pics.


Definitely the case…even the comments…and tbh, it also depends on when the moderator is at work and available…so, say, if you post a comment or topic right now, one of the moderators will decide on each of yours as we speak.

No. At first it does till you build enough trust in the system. For instance, currently @shmushinan is still getting approved every post - and commenting like a mufuqa!! LOL Many posts also require time to make sure it meets site requirements, vids, etc.

Soon as you build the trust, then the site looks for target words in text, those also get flagged

Good info thanks