How long is too long?

As far as the amount of time you spend shooting at a particular area. For instance lets say you are going to Target or Walmart, how long do you stay in the store. Sometimes I feel I spend way too much time in an area (sometimes hours), and start to look sus. I feel every time I am about to leave, I see a fat ass walking right in, and I start punching the air because I feel I should’ve just stayed a bit longer.


20min tops


Depends on the store but for something as big as Walmart I usually aim for a half hour


Bro from my experience I usually hit a place for about 30 mins to 1 hour. Depending on the size of course. Always have some items on your basket or on your hand when you’re moving so it can make you less sus. Remember, even if you missed a gorgeous juicy fat ass, they’ll come eventually ! That’s the good rush that we get when shooting, it will just get you excited for the next shoot !

I think everyone in my neighborhood Target sees my everyday ! Lmao


If I go to the city, there’s a mall over 3 floors and an outside precinct. I’ll do half hour in the mall, then wander out around the precinct for up to an hour, then back to the mall for half hour more. I aim to catch at least 5 top tier girls if I can, which usually means I’ll be passing up on quite a few others. Typically I’ll end up with 10 videos of which 3 or 4 may just end in the bin.
Oh and it’s ok to go in the same store twice but 3 times looks a bit dodg.

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Oh and I have my Garmin watch so I can see how far I’ve walked for a laugh. Last weekend it was 12000 steps, about 6 miles. My poor feet were gone.


Depends of the size of the ass

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I feel like it depends on the quality of the targets in the store for me. If it’s live I’ll be in there for as much as 40 minutes. But if there’s nothing eye catching, I’m too impatient to hang around so that’s usually in and out in 10 minutes.


I base time on how long I can make it without being obvious, sometimes just going back for the right angle! I don’t care about time but I am also aware of the surroundings and security features. But if some rando confronts me, also not scared of a throat punch :facepunch:

So…….I don’t setup to go take caps. More priorities today maybe. I get caps where I’m already going. Convenient. I can see myself setting time aside if I didn’t have so many other things I do, for sure!!

I started reading these comments and was like, damn! Y’all sound like you plotting a bank heist or hit up a store to steal some new gear, maybe end up a smash and grab. :laughing:


One suggestion I would give to new recruits that are into this fun is… NEVER NEVER NEVER look at your subject when they are at least 30 feet close or even.

Your eyes are your camera, forget about your real eyes, you’ll get to enjoy that later, avoid the temptation to look my friends trust me. Sometimes I am stared at and I go about my world.

Women tend to have an ability to notice when a guy is looking at them. I don’t know how but they do and I’m not the only one to confirm this.


Depends on how crowded the store is. If I hit up a Walmart at peak hours I might stay there for 45min to an hour. I figure that with all those people shopping, workers ain’t gonna notice one person especially if I’m discreet