How NOT to get your topics rejected

I’ve seen many posts, as well as received private messages, asking why content was removed or rejected; here’s a simple checklist to exponentially increase your probability of approval.

  1. Remove black bars before posting your set.
  2. Keep topic titles, and posts, PG.
  3. Do not post pictures, or videos, of subjects in private dwellings (inside dorm rooms, apartments, houses, or anything that isn’t typically accessible to the public).
  4. Rotate photos in proper orientation.
  5. Post a minimum of 3 pictures or more.
  6. Wait until your photos have finished uploading before posting.
  7. No external links as watermarks.
  8. If we can’t tell if the subject is +18, we don’t approve it.
  9. Do not post NON-OC content already on the forum. And make sure you credit the owners work.
  10. Avoid posting low-quality photos (blurry, out of view, far away, etc.)
  11. No photos containing -18 subjects (background or otherwise - no exceptions)
  12. Do not post, or request, identifying information. Or ask for trades.
  13. Do not repost content already removed by the system
  14. It’s a candid site. Do not post anything else.
  15. Do not promote, or otherwise encourage, harmful behavior towards subjects, including following them.
  16. Do not make, or imply, remarks that are overtly-sexual, or in any way disparaging about any subject posted to this forum.
  17. Do not remove, obscure, or otherwise alter photos in a way to circumvent community guidelines (i.e : mods have to confirm photos were taking in public, and with subjects of age)
  18. Do not post any form of nudity (partial nudity, exposed genitalia, transparent clothing, etc)
  19. Lastly, do not violate any of the community guidelines. NOT specifically mentioned in this post. It is your responsibility as a user to know, and comply, to all the rules and guidelines of this forum. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action that can lead to the suspension, and/or banishment, of your account.

We have a great forum here. This is how the staff keep it that way. If any user has a question or concern, feel free to PM me and I’ll be happy to help.


I have added a few more pointers to the list. (17 and 18 to be more specific)

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