How to get closer shots

Hello, what ways do you talk to these girls to get closer shots? Do you ever compliment them. What are your tips and tricks. Thank you!

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that’s why I like grocery stores. close proximity and you can browse anywhere. if the timing is right then get behind them in line and feast!

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browse near them and hold the phone by your side. Follow them a bit and don’t be nervous, if you’re confident and making it look like your looking for a specific item or just browsing then you can really sell it and they won’t say anything. confidence is key. also browse this site for tips such as the elbow scratch etc. for getting different shots. being alone in an aisle with a girl can be really handy if she’s not suspicious. some girls are more suspicious than others. some you can’t get a shot of because they will flee constantly while others will show off a bit for you.

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also being alone in an aisle makes for a great time to slowly pass behind her and get all the angles you need. I wouldn’t recommend talking to them. just be curious about items in the store. being polite is good and maybe you can talk to one here and there but it can raise suspicion

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I do it better in crowded areas, slip up behind…

Agree 100% never engage with the woman you’re perving on. Unnecessary attention plus some have an instinctive feeling you are up to something

One tip from me let them come to you. For that you need to spot your target look where she might be heading and them look for a place to stand or sit for a minute while she walks by. I am a smoker so I always have an excuse to hang around for a minute or a few.

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Wrong! Always engage!! Better shots and you can ease the tension.

Not an ego thing at all, but don’t be scared of no chick! That makes you look suspect especially if you get all squirrelly trying to take secret snaps of some fine ass


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