How to stop, permanently

I have sinned again as of this date. My free time and lust got the better of me. Moving forward I will try not to make this mistake again by reminding my self what I have to lose and the zero I have to gain.

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As someone who was into the “hobby” pretty deep a few years ago, I guess the thing that mostly got me to wind down was the fact that my life started actually going somewhere and I didn’t want the hobby to destroy it. When I was actively shooting, I was extremely depressed and felt ‘subconsciously’ like I had no future. I used to get high and go out and shoot for 2-3 hours almost every day. I wasn’t the smoothest operator though and got directly confronted many times, and probably noticed but not directly confronted many more times than that. I was messed up. Now that my life, amazingly, is actually going somewhere in terms of career etc, I always have the fear/insecurity that my past habits will somehow come back and ruin my life.


gotten a bit better since i posted this, i dont shoot anymore
thanks for the kind words yall

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I’ve been struggling with the same thing and tried to research more information to help stopping and relapsing again. I got frustrated because I didn’t find until I realised to search topics with bad habits and addictions. Here is a really good video about those, put “The real reasons your bad habits keep winning” by HealthyGamerGG in Youtube search. Hopefully it helps you other people as well who just want to stop. Wish the best <3 We can do it

I’ve been to this exact same point multiple times. Deleted my stash at least twice. I never really stopped just chilled for a bit. I’m very selective of the place and subject now days. For me its a sexual addiction, keep working on yourself bro. Your not alone.