Huge Batch From Today!

Enjoy! Which one is your favorite?


Wow to all the hotties

The blonde with the ripped jean shorts and tight half white top. She is banging!!!

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I don’t know how anyone could ever say that an Android camera beats out an iPhone camera just look how perfect quality iPhone puts out :heart_eyes:


blondie with white shirt is crazy hot. She had her phone out too - she was probably taking pics of you. She’s probably on a candid dude site right now posting them. hahahah!


You’re a god man I love your work

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good job bro , i would like to see more of your talent

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From 18 to 32

This slut is my favorite! :heart_eyes:


Damn all these girls are freakin babes😍

Some are real beauties

Here is what I love about your content. To get your candids, you literally walk up to women and ask them something. Not only are creep shot artists normally viewed as being anti-social, but anyone can catch a glimpse of someone walking away. Way too often I want to know what they look like.


too good

This is hard but The Busty Mother with the expose bra strap makes you wanna :breast_feeding:t3:


GOD FCKIN DAMN THIS CHICK IS ASS-pounding… i mean astounding…

That first girl is INSANELY hot!!! dreamy

Are these video screencaps? Can you post the video for the blue haired target girl or the white shirt blonde if you have them? Good shit.

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1, 3 , 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 … lost count
Wait, 6, 7, 9 …
Yup! I’m going #7! She gotta wear bigger jeans to get over that ass - love how u may have pulled her out in the open!

Agreed! It’s like she knows her purpose is to make us cum

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