I got caught apparently😝

I later found out she knew what i was doing


Nice pictures, but please tell us how you know she caught you? Did she confront you? What became of the confrontation?


Yes! Would like to know how you managed to find out she caught you

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If she knew what you were doing and didn’t say anything right away, she must’ve enjoyed it


I mean i wouldnt know for sure but if she looks in the cam like that i think she knew something was up😂

Judging by her look, she was definitely suspecting something. Cute girl!

Cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: she must’ve liked the extra attention

Great ass, worth getting caught, congrats :hot_face:

To be honest a look in the cam is hot


She looks like she knew - but way to keep shooting anyway!

Either she caught you or judging by the pics you got her in every aisle of the store. Lol. Keep trucking my friend. :heart_eyes:

Oh it’s nice to think this but let’s face it, most likely she was uncomfortable, didn’t want a confrontation, felt a bit weirded out but didn’t know for sure.

Let’s not kid ourselves here :rofl:… Candids are harmless but if a woman is followed by a random stranger I’m sure 99.9% aren’t thinking how wonderful it is!

Great shots anyway, she’s hot.

Thats why i dont follow whoever im getting shots of i will walk past them and hope and pray i got a good clear frame on a shot