I got caught bad? Am I going to going down?

Some guy ratted me out in target and I left, some guy came out to film me leaving in my car and I raced out. I’m literally in shock right now.


just stay calm, don’t expose yourself for a while


I went to my car like an idiot. I’m on camera and everything.


Please someone calm me down. Feel I might get arrested and lose my job and everything.

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How bad did you cap ?

Just took a video of her ass as she was walking, some guy noticed me and told her. I heard him tell her and I was out. Went straight to my car and some guy was following me trying to get a pic of my license plate. They are gonna check stop light cameras and the outside target cameras.

With all due respect, you’re not that important.

Possibility of the guy having a tiktok and exposing you? Maybe (but not likely). Being trespassed from that specific target? Perhaps. But arrested? Doubt it.


It depends where you live but in most places it is not illegal to take candid pictures of people. so no you probably won’t be arrested


Nah you might be overthinking it but for clarity just don’t go back out for couple days and definitely not in that area again. They taking pics for next time I doubt they care to go the extra mile now that’s a warning


I would not go back there for a while. Or if you do, wear a disguise. Maybe red polo shirt and black pants, they’ll think you’re one of them


I don’t think you are in a lot of trouble but target right now you have to be really stealth to cap. Many people are aware in stores like Target and Walmart. Especially since that guy brought a lot
Of attention with his up skrt stupidity. Always be aware of your surroundings. Don’t get too comfortable


I got caught at Target and they called cops, no arrest, cops were piss off cause I was just a perv taking pics, they thought I was touching women or something, they were piss at target for wasting their time, they just ban me from target. No big deal


I hope it was a good ass


Guys it’s a bad idea to cap in targets right now.
Recent events in the media is all I need to say.
Stay the fuck out of targets for awhile.


I avoid target


Not against the law doing what you did. Recorded something that can be seen in plain sight. Against store policy maybe, but not the law. You just feel ashamed. Keep on cappin on


Dont go back to that target. Dont drive back around that part of town. Im sure youll be fine. Not everyone is a TikTok influencer.


Avoid all stores right now, cap outside, public beach, events that are outside. For the love of god stay out if target.

Women are their number one customer and they want them to feel safe. You better believe they are looking for the pervs.


Targets have better cameras than banks and they keep a file on you for stealing so I’m sure if you’re there capping they know


I’ve been busted in a target before, I didn’t even film I just was watching this hottie before I was about to strike she left and I followed a bit behind cause I was gonna leave too. Security came running out of camera room and said “I’m glad the cops are outside” :rofl::joy::rofl: cops were already sitting out front cause it was the holiday time.

I just looked at him and laughed and kept walking. Didn’t run or even walk fast I just laughed in his face cause I know they can’t do anything. He didn’t follow me and the cops didn’t even say anything.

But I haven’t been back to that target since. Too many cameras in there.

But for your situation with that guy following you he could’ve recorded you walking and your license plate so I’d stay away from that target. Atleast for half a year.

You can’t be arrested but worst comes to worst that dude may try to put you on tik tok