I got caught bad? Am I going to going down?

Ya I also seen a video on Insta of a man getting caught taking pictures this girls ass it was not bad too but she recorded him and took his phone

Wow. What a simp security guard. Thats funny

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I’ve been caught a few times, so I speak from experience.
It all boils down to whether there’s an “expectation of privacy.” If you were just following her, taking video of her walking in a store, clothed, you did NOT violate her privacy. She’s in a public place. AND, even the store has video of her walking around in that outfit. Now, if you were attempting to get video of her panties or other private parts, then you violated her privacy. If you put a hidden camera in the bathroom, or if you tried to sneak video of her in a changing room, then you violated her privacy.
And, if the subject is not an adult, that is a whole 'nother kettle of fish.
At worst, you will be questioned by the police. I will be embarrassing, but you will not be arrested. And you may be banned from that store. I’ve had it happen to me. Remember, the store is still privately owned, so they can legally ban you, even if it’s open to the general public.
If they charge you with a crime, say NOTHING. DON’T admit that you took video for sexual gratification. Get a lawyer immediately. You want to stay off a sex offender list at all cost.