I got caught twice (different ppl)

And they just let me they showed there body more to me I wanna post but I’m scared good angles too close up


Post them


no point in posting without the goods


Yeah they need posting now you’ve said that haha



where are the images?

I posted the video

I did

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I don’t see them

Worthless… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Their post history doesn’t seem to show that a vid has been posted.
Nothing to see so delete soon if no vids/pics and it’s just word

I’m new to posting I did post the video I just don’t know how to post it on here sorry guys

all you do is copy and paste the link here

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Would be nice if you showed the parts where you got caught…and would also be nice if you rotated the video.

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take some screenshots, candidgirls adds an extra blur. Otherwise thats a nice ass, and her looking at you doesn’t mean she caught you, think you may have been paranoid.

Very nice big ass, good job on the capture

Does anyone know if video quality gets degraded when uploaded?

Yeah, i don’t call that caught. Sticking to the subject well tho!!

Great post, that ass looks fake to me tho