I have a question help please

I have a question what do you do when a woman sees you filming her and catches you

Well u failed mission one lol.


Smile and nod…maybe a wink :wink:

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When I’m recording or taking pics with my phone one I dime my screen and I don’t look at them I keep walking or just pull out a book act like I’m reading or act like im talking on my work phone

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I cross my arms with my camera pointing at target or I hold my phone in front of something I carry and just look innocent or confused like I’m looking for someone. Just be confident that you’re not doing anything wrong!


But if I’m caught and they approach me ill turn off my phone quick without them noticing I allways have music going so my lock screen shows music and every thing auto closes and act like I’m getting off my phone with someone

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Rule number one:
They have no idea what they are talking about. In fact, they are crazy! They are disgusting! Who tf are they to claim you do t have morals?

Rule number two:
Be sure to keep filming


in my head thats kind of how i have my defense laid out…

  1. “what?? well arent you fckin conceded… you think too much of yourself if you think people are taking shots of you at random…”

  2. if they ask to see my phone “fck you… $1,800 phone and you want to see it?? shiiiiit you must be out of your god damn mind…”

  3. if shit gets too heavy then i get a sever stress induced stutter and hope she has pitty on me…

of course ive never had play any of these out yet…

guess you could really fck them up by saying “show me your tits and ill show you my phone…” that may cause them to be dumb founded and give an opportunity to make a break for it… haha…

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Just wrote this too:

Just act like you are on your phone, screming like you lost a mobile game might make you look like an idiot but works. Pretending you don’t other things like Instagram or tiktok works too