I need tips!

How do you guys barely move your phones while walking behind an ass? My videos come out so fucking shaky :smiling_face_with_tear:

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upgrade your phone

which do u use for post processing stabiliztion i just discovered after effects options I might go with that

Get the s22 ultra and hold your hand steady for a handful of seconds. It takes practice. With a natural hold you can definitely get steady shots still just don’t swing your arm and slow down as you approach. If in a store look at products near them while standing still, let the camera focus and do its magic


:joy: you need a 1200 dl phone

if you are an iphone user i will recommend you for cheap reasons iphone xr . i have seen excellents captures with it

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That’s my boy!!! Still rocking the great XR

My vids are usually shaky until I apply stabilization in editing.
I don’t take many though.

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Yessir, xr with 60 fps. Can’t go wrong

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Well a good question from this is how do you hold the phone in front of your body facing forward? I would think that looks obvious as hell holding a phone straight ahead at an ass.

With my last phone that was a huge problem. I had to stabilize every clip I took in After Effects. My new phone has a steady feature, but I still need to keep my camera hand still a little bit. . Practice, practice, practice. Keep shooting and sharing !