I shot this beauty some time ago. Do you guys like my tight jeans posts? I like these butts


Beautiful ass for sure on her. The cropping and erasing really takes away from being able to fully enjoy it, imho. TY for the share though, still a beautiful ass.

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Yeah I just joined today and I do not know how it all feels in sharing you know I mean in environment, I’ve got the uncropped pictures still here. I really love these asses in jeans

Totally understand & respect that 1000%. Yeah they’re very sexy and tight. :smiley:

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I’ve got so much more. I will now post one without cropping. I need to get my trust more with you all :slight_smile:

I agree with the cropping/erasing… Doesn’t look good.

I actually agree. Just posted one without cropping :wink:

What about these ;)


In my personal preference I love Spandex, leggings and other athletic clothing.
But skinny jeans on the right body is quite a nice sight. Otherwise, good shots man.

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I’ve got a technique that when I get caught I will always have an alibi. A way to defend yourself when caught. I will share it when I can post again

What size shoe this bitch wearing??? God damn!!