I’ve been thinking…

Why is it that we find pictures/videos taken of girls with nice asses without them knowing is so hot? And why is it so incredibly addicting to take your own and jerk off to them later? Why not just go up and say something if you think she’s cute? Honestly. What’s the big deal!?

Just trying to start a discussion. Let me know your thoughts below if you’re interested.


because women are sexy as hell, and saying something only lasts a second, a pic lasts forever

and what they don’t know won’t hurt em


Speaking for me personally, I know I’m a loser who’s socially awkward. There’s not a chance in hell I’m asking out women miles out of my league. (don’t let me discourage you, just practice. I’m a bitch)

Anyways, what does speaking to an attractive women have to do with anything. I, and likely most of us, aren’t doing this to make friends. We just think these women are pretty lol


Because you don’t always want to actually date every woman you check out. Sometimes it’s nice to capture the visuals of the moment to have for the spank bank later. Plus there is a thrill aspect to it for some. Sure, it’s easier to just look up images anywhere on the internet but I’m guessing most don’t get the same rush.


maybe you are too hard on yourself…but i appreciate how frank and humble you are

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I do sometimes hit on females or get numbers outside of shooting, I just feel like sharing with the community because they understand me so much. It’s not that I don’t have the confidence it’s just that some of these women older so I just don’t think I got a shot with majority of my subjects I’m just not as old rn lol I’m not really worried bout it too much tho


Did you ever have a hot teacher you capped ?

It’s not about them not knowing for me. It’s just the fact that some of them are in super skin tight clothing or provocative clothing. Like they are literally thirst trapping in public at times and know what they are doing. I don’t “get off” them not knowing. I just think they look sexy. Social/dating isn’t difficult for me but I wouldn’t be doing candids if I was dating.


your collection is probably gold :)

My perspective is slightly different from the ones listed above. I’ve been blessed to have a very great dating/Sex life, but I’m still addicted to candids. I was an athlete and me and the other guys would sleep with different women and send candid photos to one another. That was more problematic and this is like a better outlet for me. It’s not quite the same but I feel less guilty than hooking up and sending the photos to friends. It’s super cool to see so many different perspectives.

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because you cant go up to women nowadays and talk to them and ask to get to know them cuz then youd seem like a creep. so we just go the creepy way and take videos of their asses haha

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For me its more about that they know loads of people are looking at them and what they are wearing is so revealing. My favorite is where they are athletes like playing beach volleyball in a tiny thong bikini bottoms and they know there is a whole crowd of people watching and a lot of men staring at their ass, as they jump around and bend forward etc. I take my phone out and film them and I actually like when they catch me. Such a rush. They never do anything.

I think its because it seems like it would be so exciting to dress so revealingly in those intimate regions and have so many people staring at me there but I cant do that as a man and nobody would be interested anyway but at least I get to enjoy women doing at and by watching them I can fantasize about what it is like. Even better if they think guys are taking pics of them.


Oh they know. Trust me…they know. That’s WHY they wear what they do.

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It’s crazy really, even when it comes to porn or professional photography pictures of models. Nothing beats a creep shot, especially your own. Even the moment you’re watching a video afterwards and realize she noticed or looked at your camera. Oof there’s just something about it, capturing a sexy once in a lifetime moment of a complete stranger that’ll last forever.

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