I'll crawl up in there and die


Do you only snap pics, or do you shoot video and then take screenshots afterwards?

Only pics bc its a struggle for my phone cam to focus. When i get a new phone I’ll definitely do vids

Get an iPhone, I’ve been shooting vids since iPhone 3GS and screenshooting the best frames I can. The newer phones are amazing. I’m sure android is just as good though, plus they have all the good stealth filming apps. Thanks for this one though, that ass is mint

Yeah i here ya. Luckily this chick (Brittany) works at the local QT. Im always tryin to get her but the last 2 times its been really cold so she’s had her windbreaker on but I’ll try to get more of her

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Good hunting my brother

There is a part 2 to this where she bent over in front of me btw. Thanks man