Im new to the Forum but not to Candids! πŸ“Έ πŸ‘

I’ve been shooting candids for almost 10 years now and many of my videos are still circulating the internet since I first started to upload them back in 2013 I took 2 years off but recently found this forum (I know im late :rofl:) and have gotten the urge to go back out there and get more content im posting one of my favorite captures that I got before I took a break this thick latina was on to me from the beginning but one thing about me is that I dont give af lol so I kept recording her and her reaction is priceless to this day the video still makes me bust instantly hope you enjoy the pics and look out for more content coming soon!



Nice! Looking forward to seeing the confrontation.


That’s a nice fatty on her. Welcome to the group

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I’ve seen this vid before :joy::joy:you’re a savage my guy


Welcome hope you like to see my posts

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Could you send a link?:grin:

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Post the video


I don’t even remember bro. I saw it a year ago
hopefully he posts the vid

your return is really great. Thank you

Looks promising af, and fuck wat a booty !!!

Kl npπŸ‘