Impossible Target ass

I swear Target has the BEST quality out there! I was debating to post these because they aren’t great quality. I had my girlfriend with me and we were in a hurry and to make it worse there was A LOT of eyes in the area and taking solid shots of videos was way too risky – but i guess this is better than nothing.


She’s sooo beautiful, you hit the jackpot! I swear target is the best to find these women


i love it when girls wear those type of shorts :ok_hand::ok_hand: nice catch bro

i love how whoever designed those shorts with that shadow dark colored accent, couldnt account for an ass her size

Looks like she has gorgeous feet too. Next time!

good lord :hot_face: :hot_face: :hot_face: i’m curious - when you’re with other people (esp your girlfriend) how do you cap a lady like this without looking like you’re trying to do it or that you noticed her? stall for time?

Thanks guy. Yes Target has the best targets! lol

Wow this is hall of fame worthy. I can’t even imagine if you were able to get closer how great the pics or vids would have been