Indian cutie

That wasnt an easy catch. She was so busy and fast. Not sure if I can edit a good video from this footage… Recorded in 4k but only 30 fps lol. Testing new setups and camera options.


its alright mate. you still got some good shots.


agreed. good shots @Janina_Stute !

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These are great shots! Especially from what you describe.

If you’re using an iPhone, I’d advise using 1080p @60fps, makes for a cleaner video! Also, that iPhone 4k dumps quality for space. It’s been my experience with Apple and “High Effiniency”

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I use a Xiaomi. Meanwhile I discovered that it has some quality problems with apps like quick video recorder. So I use the normal camera app, way better. I always try to shot at 60 FPS, it was a mistake… Should look in the settings from time to time :neutral_face:

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Damn! Those phones are as expensive to the iPhone!

Some of you maybe recognize her. If not… Take a look:

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In addition a short video:

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