Iphone shooting tips?

I have the iphone12, 4k is not as good as 1080. The files are condensed by the device, Apple calls it (High Efficiency). I cannot speak for the 13 or later as far as usage. The file sizes are larger but I don’t think they are large enough - nothing to compare to. If you have another device and can share the details free to. Now, this is strictly for 60 fps which is the minimum I will shoot, makes for the high end looking slo mo videos!! And it just looks right, better, best!!

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I second spc , its a life saver

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Thank you for own of your great tips.
May i ask a question, Can i shoot 1080 HD at 240fps (high efficiency) instead of shooting 720 HD at 240 fps ? is the high efficiency destroy the quality more than using 720 instead of 1080?

The HE lowers the quality. Period.
Helps make room for storage by design.
I forgot to reply with a Windows app I use where I can “adjust” the quality of each file when converting, I never get on that PC of mine so I forgot. I’m bookmarking now see if I’ll remember

I’m not a pro, the higher frame rate is always better, closer to real life of course.

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Lovely. Thank for great answer. I will change it now.
I’ve tried 1080 at 240fps High Effeciency today and i’m not very happy with the result . I hope the 720 at 240fps will do better.