Is candid photography illegal in your country?

In my country I haven’t heard of any law that bans filming people in public unlike filming them in their private spaces and sharing info of their personal lifes which is illegal .
What’s the situation in your countries ?


I feel this is the general consensus for most developed countries, at least in North America. Although legalities are often nuanced, the premise is more or less the same. No right to privacy in public areas, unless the act is egregious enough in nature to warrant a violation of human decency, whatever the courts decides that is…( for example, under skirt)

Here in the US, seems like anything outside the home is public domain. Exception include public restrooms and up d skirt type of activity. OP where are you from?

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In uk the potential new prime minister wants to make it illegal to photograph down blouse.up ski## and women breastfeeding is already illegal without consent

Where I’m from (I’m not advertising it, but look at my posts if you want), the creation of video and pictures itself is legal, apart (!) from up/down-clothing and touching, BUT as soon as you share stuff online without the person’s consent, it’s considered at least a misdemeanor or worse.

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That’s where it gets interesting. IF there are multiple people in the shot, you will need consent only from those ppl that the image centers on. So photographing a random group and sharing is no problem if let’s say your relative is up front (being what the picture is all about) and you may assume from the nature of your relationship that they are OK with sharing. If it’s a colleague or other person unrelated to you, you ask explicitly for their consent.

All of those exceptions obviously can’t apply to candid photography, because the material actually will center on a specific person completely unaware of your intentions, therefore not being able to give consent in any form.

Seems crazy… Then millions of pictures and content would have to be deleted from social media if that was the case.

I thought upsk…irt is already illegal in Scotland which is part of the UK

Some countries do really ban it or at least punish those who practice it , I’ve heard of men in both Morocco and Egypt being arrested and ja,iled after some women they were filming caught them in the act and called the police