Is this the tightest ass you've ever seen?

Done posting any more content. You guys have abused your privilege to comment and use flags. Everything I post is flagged and removed.


To answer your question, no


Crazy how these posts stay up but all of mine are flagged and removed

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You grow up cuz it isn’t even decent post, very poor caught, nothing special

ive just looked through the flags and there really isnt many flagged posts especially from you @Tayla.mgm… could it be that you didnt recieve 10 likes within 24 hours?? cuz if thats the case then the content is removed by the system automatically… if its poor quality it may have been removed also… ill look through your posts and see whats what… give me a few minutes…


ok well, good new is you have had 13 posts removed… 10 of which by system and 2 by flagged and then this post had aomething removed of yours… youve had 4 flags and 2 of which were agreed that each was in need of removing… so 10 posts of yours didnt receive 10 likes within 24 hours… therein lies the problem perhapse… instead of blaming our community here, which is amazing, maybe work on improving your posts…


Okay. Bet. You want good quality, I got something for you all.

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This post has run its race.

Hahahaha your funny!

Oh really. With the s22. Get out of here with that.

This isn’t an airport, you don’t have to announce your departure.

Love your jokes.