Jean shorts at theme park

Hispanic teen in jean shorts, mostly standing in line. Narrowed it down to the best shots I took.

Testing the waters here. I’ve been amassed a collection of creep videos and pictures I’ve personally shot for the better part of 6 years now and haven’t shared any of it with anyone. I’m up to about 125GB worth while being very selective of what I’ve kept. Maybe now is the time to start sharing?

And here’s some video I shot in 4K: Mega Download Link


Nice ass, thanks.

Btw, how do you do these previews?


Do you mean for the video? There’s a feature built into Media Player Classic that lets you generate thumbnails for a video. I believe there are also stand-alone programs that do only this as well.

Once you have a video open in Media Player Classic, go to File → Save Thumbnails. Then in the window that pops up, you can pick how big the picture will be and how many columns/rows there are. I usually play around with these settings to get the best thumbnails for any particular video I’m setting up a preview for.

Hope that helps :wink:

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perfect bro

Great content!

Not enough replies on here, great video man!

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I was using a Samsung Galaxy S6 when I did that, using the SC3-OS app set to record at 4k. Perfect for low motion recording.

Your work is legendary!

This is such a hot creepshot! Keep it up!

amazing video man thank you!

Great job on the angles!


Wow. great cheeks! Great clip! Nice opportunity to stand in a line so close to such a hottie!
And hard to resist not to touch her… :sweat_smile::yum:

Please repost mega? Thanks!

theme parks are always :ok_hand:

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Video re-upload + link updated.

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should post your whole collection o.O

nice work man

Great job!

thanks, she Is perfect!
Good job!


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