Juicy ass in pink spandex shorts

Is that her Dad? Poor dude.


30 seconds?! Noooooooo

I would have followed her to the end of the earth damn

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Pink :peach:

@Thefinalist1 @CandidShooter49 we have chatted but I gotta call you out. :v::v:

I just want to point out neither of you have liked the thread or the video itself at the time of me writing this. I understand the likes concern, and I’d love for it to be addressed, and I like the other thread to the mods/owner.

IDK what will work or the goal of the site in its entirety, but for the site to work the way you state in comments it only seems fair to point it out.


I’m not perfect. I can’t like every post that I come accross. At times, I’ll be typing a message on here, and I’ll have to quickly close the browser because my gf is approaching or whatever.

If we look at my history though, most threads that I come across, even if they’re not quite fap material, I usually drop a like if I interact at all.

Just look at my profile for how many likes I’ve given :man_shrugging:t2:

If likes were mandatory, this place would be different. That’s all I’m saying.

I’m fine with being called out, but remember, you can’t lump me in with the MASSIVE amount of lurkers around here. We are just simply too different.


That wasn’t the intention at all! I always see comments from you and even showing up on old posts :+1: also seeing a lot of CandidShooter recently.

It was literally fresh in my mind - I just read the post and seen some of my posts along with others with minimal interactions. I saw this post with ZERO likes on the video which is fairly regular. I commented and liked both post and vid. I came back remembering…LOL


definitely her bf don’t know how you thought her dad but… nice

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Mm those must’ve been new, cause look how she walks. Lovely find and work :+1:t4::raised_hands:t4:

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