Just a reminder about a image thief

@DaBootyFiles steals everyone’s content from this website and resells it in his own MEGA folders. Just saw some of my OC on his Instagram page today. Just a heads up. I might delete all of my content from this website because of people like him ruining this hobby


Always put your watermark to the pics and vids!


Preferably the signature right away!

Damn…why steal someone’s hard work?..freaking peasant get a life this is why we can’t have shit…


As long as you post to a site like this one set up currently, the quality will never be the same

Just watermark across the subject and DM if you want original LOL

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Watermark them and creep please don’t I love your work

That’s not fair at all, I hope no one steals my work.

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Vote in the poll to decide what should be done: Content Thief, should we ban?


Who would buy a mega folder? There’s so much free content out there