Lady Elotes 🌽


that’s your favorite spot lmaoo


Never miss it she comes around sometimes


I want to eat her tamale

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Oh fuck, she’s something special - perky pair, beautiful face, pooch, those thighs and calves topped off by that gorgeous ass - catch her every time…

Damn bro where in la ?

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She’s perfect

This was PERFECT! absolutely big booty latina street vendors in jeans. Amazing!!!

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Right :joy:

She’s definitely a work of art

It’s in Mexico

If it was me I would go there everyday just to see that ass

These remind me of Saga’s posts lol Probably the same area

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wow, post more of her pls

Holy cow, what a nutbuster she is. Awesome curves, ready to blast those jeans.
Thank you so much for that banger.

She’s the best! I wonder if she’s from Mexico City, that city has the best girls haha