LATINA FAT ASS in gym had me drooling

Full video is 1:45 , I noticed her once I entered the gym and was determined to get a shot of that ass


Full vid link??


Uhh she carries a lovely ass and loves to flaunt that booty :drooling_face: Great catch my friend. Thank you.

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OC content

can we get that vid bro. also how do you manage to pull it off in the gym?

Wow! I wouldn’t have gotten in a second of working out she’s :fire::fire:

Where the video


Damn you did a great job at capping that ass can’t wait for the vid pa

Congrats on first post man, mind sharing the video link?

Nice pics!!! Would love to see a vid

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smh my head

how is this cap not getting the recognition? this ass is straight PHENOMENAL.