Latina teen ass at Walmart

I remember walking around in Walmart creeping and BAM. This Latina teen shows up and just captures my attention instantly. I was shaking the camera out of nervousness and people looking at me weird because I was right behind this girl in the middle of traffic. but I managed these glorious shots. Enjoy.


this is a GRADE-A ass! nice shots.

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Holy fuck… Amazing cinnamon skinned honey. :weary::weary::weary:


holy fuck man, would love to stir her guts up

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Brooooo I remember you posted this over on TOC!

One of my favorite caps of all time!!!

Did you get a video by chance??


Great catch man!! She has a super sweet ass! Thank you for sharing!

Pure gold ! I love it

Wow I wouldn’t pull out

Fuuuuuuuuuuck! Thank you!

im in love with that ass

And this is why I love Walmart!

But do you have a video?

Very nice

Goddam and bless you bro you took one for the team and blessed us with this beautiful ass goddam she is perfect !!!

Sometimes you just gotta do the unthinkable to cap a nice ass, thanks for the great shots bro :raised_hands:


Oh que oui ! Salut babe!

very attractive butt! Thanks for sharing!

That is one fine ass!!