Latte and Some VPL

Was a few people back on line at Starbucks at a highway rest stop.
Holy fuck her legs were amazing.

She had white skirt with white cheeky panties on.
You can just make out the panty line under the skirt.
I was literally staring at her ass.
God damn social distancing. I couldn’t get closer, without being too obvious.

Sorry for low quality. I’m still getting used to making quick caps with this phone. it’s not as easy to focus using the app I have. If anyone has any recommendations for better iPhone apps for caps - I’m all ears.


It’s better to record and make screenshots from your video.
Keep up the good work!

Thanks @thisagain - thats what i did.
i was pretending to text while I recorded and then export screenshots from the video.
I use screenflow on my mac, but i’m still looking for a good recording software for iphone.
I use SPC - which seems okay.

If you’ve got another idea for apps that are better at using the camera, higher qulity, let me know. Thanks

I’m kinda mew in this too, but I use ‘secret camera recorder’ for Android.

yup! exactly! photoshop

Pretty close to what I was seeing in real life. the skirt was def see-through - though not as much as the photoshop you popped there. But her ass what amazing.

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Those are nice legs

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