LEMONADE 5 (9/18)

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Welcome to episode 5 of LEMONADE! Got a treat for you guys :) please welcome the first recurring “character” in the series! This mixed-race mami has an incredible petite booty and I’m excited to share it with yall. More of her in the future! Enjoy!



wow! what a stunner! awesome work. thanks for sharing


You already had me with mixed-race…thats mami is truly an absolutely insane nutbuster… gosh, what a cap my friend :slight_smile:
Bombshell after bombshell is coming out from your camera :slight_smile:
Truly remarkable and amazing. Thank you for that once again, stunning work.


Much appreciated :pray:

I’m speechless. Booty and Body Are Perfect! WOW! Amazing Catch! :peach::fire::heart_eyes:

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Picturesque, what a hottie! Awesome work! :peach::fire::sweat_drops:

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Those side views…:pinched_fingers:t3::pinched_fingers:t3::pinched_fingers:t3:

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Phenomenal. Big fan

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Thank you, and thanks everyone!

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episode 4 - I would eat that ass all day long! great shots!

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That ass is popping!

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What a perfect ass for Lululemon leggings - she is totally adorable. Amazing work capturing these - thank you so much for sharing with us.

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Thank you! She was a real sweetheart :) very helpful