Links anyone?

I’m wondering if any of you would share dropbox / mega links im kinda desperate.
any would help me alot.


If just everybody was like you. Thanks dude


Thanks man

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Thanks for the links man. Too bad that the videos are not properly compressed. I wanted to download them and I saw one point something GB. I thought “not bad”. Then I realized that it was for only one single video! Damn. One could do a good .webm conversion and reduce a lot the file size without visible differences. Unfortunately I’m short on time these days. Let’s see if I find some in the near future.

so what do you suggest for the rest of us

links dead :frowning:

Could use some links sooo bad

Bump this. Not sure why no links are around anywhere since TCZ died as well.

All the links go to sites that take others free content and charge others for it, ok maybe not all. There are a ton of people out there using tumblr when it doesn’t kick them. It’s hard out here

Fr tho, I can’t keep track of links as I have thousands. I use OneNote to keep track and have multiple books, tabs and pages like crazy. My favs list has been abandoned at this point cuz Google and iOS made some changes.

Now files I can handle. And I got them for days. Finding the best way to share with a sharing service removing content is the problem

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aw man, i’d love to get some links! if anyone has any send some over!

How do you find drop box or goodie drive accounts ?

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Luck of the draw!

That’s it!

That’s why everyone is always asking LoL

I have a fairly good place to get links for Mega and Google drives. Most I find are for more professional entertainers, but some are more candid/personal. Would be willing to share if there is still interest

EDIT: @moderators please let me know if it is appropriate to drop the links here or DM them to interested folks. Still new here, not trying to get kicked out.


You can just post them it’s fine. Just make sure the videos are in public if they’re candids.

Then I might have to do more searching. The links I have are of media almost exclusively in private settings.

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Alright, posting a public url, not dropbox or mega, but I think it meets the requirements. Flickr is a great place to find people who post candidly. @moderators if this needs to be deleted, I understand; if it’s good, I’ll do more searching

Not my OC:


This shooter seems to have quite the collection. A lot of his include public nudity, but here are ones that are more in line with the forum’s values:

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i recommend you mediafire.