Hey all!
So i’m curious what are good shooting locations you all have found luck with. I’ve gone to the standards, malls, grocery stores, walmarts, targets, beaches.
But what other locations could i go to since malls aren’t populated enough during the weekdays to make trips worth it, and grocery stores/walmart/target aren’t doing it for me by themselves.
Also do you find winter difficult to shoot in since there are more heavy and long jackets? Any idea to get around this issue?


market is a good place

The gym. Win win situation you get buff and see ass. Nobody wears thick jackets while working out unless they wanna sweat profusely


Zoos because there are a lot of bad ass MILFs with no hubby around and they are always aware of their kids and animals, not aware of who’s behind


For me I’ve found big box stores productive from 1130-100 on weekday for desk jockeys. Morning is difficult but can find milfs directly after dropoff. Produce at grocery is a great place to start at most locations. The greatest shots I’ve got usually come out of nowhere. I tend to follow two rules:

ABC - always be creeping.

Always be prepared.


Best spot for me are running trails

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Entrance of college


Supermarkets and shopping centres…my locals never dissapoint…

I second supermarkets and malls. Also anywhere where college girls are. Especially on a Friday or Saturday night.

My main issue is finding locations on weekdays

Gym is packed on weekdays

Got to go to places when teens get off from classes nearby, right time and right place, remember on weekends they come out after noon time, best time to lurk around, they wake up late and head out late, milfs-basically any time of day works, malls on weekends after midday, markets on random times, shopping centers after mid day, must hit small carnival events after mid day, big box retail stores after mid day, depends on where you live, you know there’s places to go and find them everywhere, good thing to hit is when your in vegas if you can…there’s many places there…

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Can never go wrong with target, and store where some bad milfs even teens would shop. Specifically the mall. Busy malls, specially during te weekend and popular stores. Weekends and holidays.

Supermarkets, malls and drugstores.

It depends on where you live and what the climate is like. Also are you in a city or middle of nowhere.

For me, it’s 15c and approaching winter, yet the malls and shopping precincts are jammed full of shoppers, so lots of groups of teens.

My top choices are malls in general, especially the ones where you park your car and walk in. Best stores are Hollister, (the girls have license to wear anything and are pretty much all lookers), Zara (plenty of posh totty), Urban outfitters (a good mix of teens and 20 something’s).

My only complaint is the amount of baggy mum jeans, but hopefully it is a passing fad.

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I have great luck in New York City. Times square I can just walk around with a DSLR and a huge zoom lens. There are street performers and crowds father in a huge circle every 30-60 minutes. Just walk around the outside and act like you’re shooting the performers. Crosswalks are also great if you time it right with cars

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Malls, Walmart sometimes, stores like tj max or candles shops, can never go wrong with hitting multiple different target stores, or even Victoria secret stores and act like your buying some for your gf, makeup stores are A1

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