Login issues

Hi, so during a site update about 9 months ago, I got logged out. No biggie, it happened many times.

However, after that, I was unable to login from my phone or computer. I get “you can’t log in as [username] from that IP address”.

I tried at home, a couple cafés, and tried some VPNs. Tried password reset. Tried sending login links, they never arrived, not in spam.

I’ve tried every so often, same result. Then just a few weeks ago, I suddenly logged in fine with my phone, but not my laptop a few minutes later.

I’ve tried adding passkeys and it eventually errors out. MFA didn’t seem to activate after I set it up. Changed email to Gmail, still can’t get a login link.

I certainly can’t transfer my HQ pics from my laptop to my phone, then post them. I’m willing to put in effort, but that’s a bit too much. And if I get logged out from my phone soon, I’m SOL, so thought I’d ask here.

Any suggestions?

I think the issue is that you can’t use a VPN. I tried that a while back and had the same issue iirc about not being able to log in from the IP address

It happens when there is another user logged in with the same IP address. I log in using a VPN but usually need to change the location several times until I find one that works.

If you used VPN your account may have been blocked VPNs are banned here

Thanks guys. It seems some of my providers IP addresses just don’t work. Tried a few more times and it finally worked.

Hello, has your issue been resolved? Are you still having trouble logging in from your PC?

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I did, and thanks for checking. It seems I have to try a number of times until I get in - I was concerned about getting locked out for too many attempts. But once I log in once on a device, it’s all good. Thanks again @HassX

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