Looking for Moderators

Reply below if you’re interested in becoming a moderator. To qualify you must visit the forum frequently.


I would like to learn more. I am on the east coast US and usually on during the weekdays.

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I’m always on in literally every day so I’m available

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I would like to be a moderator. I’m very available time wise

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Sure i would interested in doing it

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I’m interested. I’m from EU


I’m up for it, recently tooo a break but I’m back


I can be a very efficient piece.
I apply to

I want to become a moderator I can be 24 7 moderating this :kissing_heart:

@Taylor_Swift I haven’t been as active recently due to a number of things, so I’m willing to step down and have someone take my place.

It would be an honor I’m on here every day

I’m always active. I see everything that is posted.

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I’m terrible, irresponsible, reactionary and rarely come here. I’d be perfect.

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I’d be interested!

I’d love to be a mod, I am on everyday

Quick question, how many mods are there now, and what kind of instruction is given to prospective mods in the future?

I am interested :raising_hand_woman:


I’m interested