This is actually fucking insane. I thought I had seen some wild BBLs but this one takes the cake

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Fuck now that is a Badonkadonk

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I don`t think words are needed for that booty… but a heck of a pipe to please that gal :rofl:
Good Lord, such an unreal but teasing shape of an ass… amazing catch my friend. Thank you so much.

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I have to say that her ass is just totally the worst ass I’ve ever seen. Credit for taking the shots but that is really not one bit appealing to me in anyway.

Nahhhh man this is just insane. One of the best asses I’ve ever seen. Wish you got a vid or some more HD pics, but thanks for sharing what you got



Do you have video? Thats what im talking about! Imagine having that for dinner every night


i’d pop that ass

Do you have video?

Fuckn nice ass meat enhanced or not chicks hot :fire::100:

I got some but they all curse words!

I love big butts & i cannot lie :drooling_face:

Probably feels so good, better than it looks