Love staying at the hotel

I stay at this hotel almost every other day due to my job and until now i decided to start taking captures. When these 3 girls came in I almost lost it. The fact they weren’t american made it so much hotter to watch, then Mom and offspring walked in ,also not American. To bad I be a complete creep if i hung out at the pool


Yes!! Especially when they come down for breakfast in pjs!!

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Oh goodness, thats the best part, check these ones out, dressed up for breakfast


It just got better and better

How about these ?


Damn that’s still good! My favorite is the first set with the girl in brown pants

Oh yea, she was so hot, great tan with a stomach so flat you could almost see a six pack, saw her later that day going to the pool but i couldnt dare go in there with regular clothes. I try to be careful taking pictures… like they say, dont shit where you eat!

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Definitely good motto to follow! I feel like she was dressed scantily, was that the case?

Oh yea, she had a really cute butt and was hiding it. Wish she was wearing a different kind of outfit, like i said i saw her go into the pool and she was wearing a bikini top, nice B cup boobies with a towell covering her bottom

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And you get to see many girls every time you go! What has been your best view so far that you didn’t get to capture

Well, theres always college tournaments in the area so throughout the year theres many colleges that stay at the hotel… my favorite one was when the Girls Volleyball team showed up and all these hot ass females are getting off the bus with their tight asses seconds before my Ride showed up to take me to work.


Now, picture the place with a beach out back….
Chills!! I remeber this one time before I started, the skirt was only 6” on a chicks that were like 165lbs, and another had the perkiest tits and nipples - that was when I realized I didnt want to forget those moments again

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Some pretty guests looks like a fun place to camp out in the lobby

I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the room where these two are staying together.

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You did the right decission, great girls hope you keep doing more!

Wow they’re beautiful! Great shots