LQ Variety pack dump (teens, milfs, shorts, leggings)

Bare with the low quality, I dug DEEP into the vault to where it all started. Keep in mind, this was around the time I was using an iPhone 5 when like the 7 or 8 had been dropped for a while.

Hope you find something you like! I stumbled upon much more recent shit too that’s better quality & material I’ll be posting later this week.




Super good pics

Please tell me you have vids

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Yeah of course. Of every single one. But it took hours for me to grab the handful of worthy screen shots per sub because the majority of any video footage was so choppy & shaky. Hit me up if there’s anything specific you want though!!

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Amazing shots! Something for everyone!

The girl with the whips :+1:
The pink hoodie with star tights :+1:
The crazy booty blonde outside the glasses store :+1::+1:
The blonde in the men’s store, Greyt ass in tights :+1::+1:
And the other blonde, white tank, talking to the security guard :+1: